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Bucatoghju Waterfall

The Bucatoghju river naturally delimits the municipalities of Santa Maria Poghju and San Nicolao in Costa Verde. Along the Ucelluline waterfall upstream, the stream offers natural basins of pure and invigorating water, which delight swimming enthusiasts. One of those blessed corners of the gods remained secret for a long time...

However, it did not resist the phenomenon of word of mouth that revealed over time the bathing place. Today, the site is recommended by the Tourist Office of the Costa Verde. Bucatoghju's natural pool has lost none of its wild appeal.

In this dream place, no one would suspect the existence of such natural pools, the basins are large, one can easily swim and jump from different places. Just above the first basin, we discover another.

Arrivée à la cascade

Road access: From the U Merulu apartment, take the RT10 south (direction Taverna). Turn right after 1.5 km on the D334 towards Santa-Maria-Poggio (in front of kalypso campground). Follow this road for about 2 km: Pass in front of the stadium, direction the Bucatoggio bridge... A sign tells you where to leave your car.

Pedestrian access: From the car park, a track leads north. On the left side, we arrive in front of an archaeological excavation (from Pisan times). The track makes a left turn and soon we reached a Genoese bridge (Do not cross: Departure of another walk). Continue on the same track, heading west. At the telephone mast with an orange marking, turn right on a path that crosses several small streams. We follow this path always parallel to the river. Access to the basin of the waterfall requires climbing large blocks of stones (easier access to the left)

Easy hiking, family (children from 5 years old)

It takes 1/2 hour to get from the car park to the waterfall.

Access possible by mountain bike up to 150m from the finish

Attention: Very busy in July and August! Only early risers will be able to enjoy a beautiful place on the banks of the river.

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