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Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Corsica is a heavenly destination, which many have heard of. It's hard to find the words to say why we love the Isle of Beauty. It is true that in terms of beauty, Corsica has no shortage of it: The seaside, the waters (sea or rivers), the mountains, the lakes, the forests, the deserts, the maquis ... And of course, all with optimum sunshine. All those who have had the pleasure of visiting it come back dazzled, with only one desire: to come back as soon as possible!

You too are tempted by this coveted destination, but your budget is tight and you think it is not for you ...

Find below our 5 tips for a cheap Corsican getaway.

1 – Go to Corsica outside the summer season

This is THE key solution to benefiting from a low price for a stay on the Isle of Beauty. Even though the high season in Corsica is from May to September, it is in very high season (July and August) that Corsica experiences its biggest influx. Corsica more than doubles its population, welcoming tourists in summer and prices follow the same upward trend. Indeed, this destination being very popular, tourism professionals have no difficulty selling their services at high prices, especially during summer, because this is the period when demand is the highest.

For yournest trip to Corsica, we advice you to go

· In spring : April, May, early June

· In automn : septembre, october.

2 – Choose your means of transport

Alas, we won't teach you anything: Unless you can transform into a dolphin or an albatross, or own a personal plane or boat, it is impossible to get to Corsica unexpectedly. Plan your stay well in advance to take advantage of the cheapest possible rate.

Plane or boat ?

For the mode of transport, you hesitate between the ferry and the plane to reach Corsica? The solution: COMPARE This is indeed the key to finding a cheap trip. For the plane, use a flight comparator (Easyvoyage, for example). You can easily compare the prices of Air France and Air Corsica to Bastia, Ajaccio, Calvi or Figari. Check out departures and arrivals on weekdays, rather than weekends, and look at flights that leave very early or arrive late (or vice versa). All companies need to fill their flights and offer very attractive prices. Also remember to check the ferry price, especially if you want to go to Corsica with your personal car. The prices of a plane ticket compared to a boat trip with a car on board are roughly similar. Consider incorporating the price of a car rental locally, if you are traveling by plane and want to cruise across the island. Also view the pedestrian ferry crossings and hire a vehicle on site.

3 – Select budget accommodation

Accommodation also weighs heavily on the budget for a trip to Corsica. Holiday villages or hotels by the sea are very popular, and therefore quite expensive. We advise you : · Camping: An economical mode of accommodation par excellence, for the more adventurous among us. There are many camping sites all over Corsica and you don't always have to spend your entire stay in one place. · The rental of accommodation between individuals. Many people like us offer attractive prices for comfortable accommodation. The offers are often adapted: shorter or shorter stays, arrival and departure dates other than the eternal Saturday ... And without counting the discovered offers.

4 – Eat nustrale, local and inexpensively.

Restaurant enthusiasts will be able to indulge themselves, especially if you prefer establishments located outside the main tourist routes.

In our opinion, the best solution to taste typical products and at a fair price is to go to small producers or local establishments. The prices are generally much lower. You will have to cook them or eat them right on the go. You will also find good opportunities to taste Corsican cuisine by going to the markets or by participating in gastronomic festivals. Do not hesitate to follow the "routes of the senses" which crisscross the whole island.

5 – Focus on free or almost free leisure activities

Of course, we would all like to live unforgettable moments, practicing activities that are different from the ordinary: Paragliding, boat tours, diving, etc. Unfortunately, the price of this type of activity does not go well with the notion of a small budget, because it takes between 50 and 100 € per person, depending on the activity chosen. Fortunately, you can discover and fully enjoy Corsica without spending (a lot) of money.

· Lovers of the seaside will take advantage of their vacation to rest quietly by the water. What a pleasure to discover the secret coves, the golden sand and the turquoise water, when the bulk of the tourists have reached the mainland. A mask and a snorkel can accompany you on your underwater explorations, as long as you pay attention to the protected parks and nature reserves. · Those who like to walk will be able to make very beautiful hikes in the heart of Corsica. The fragrant maquis in spring, the flamboyant Castagniccia in autumn or the Restonica gorges in all seasons are worth a stop. . History buffs will take the time to walk through typical villages or go to museums such as the one at Fort Matra in Aléria (admission less than € 3)


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