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Welcome in Corsica


The greeks called it Καλλίστη (Kalliste = the most beautiful)


Corsica is located about 200 km south-east of the French Riviera, west of Tuscany and north of Sardinia. Wooded and mountainous island it is a green setting that falls into the sea, a small rock balanced in a universe cut in half. Above, the past and its memories (vendetta, maquis), below, the sea. The gods of the Mediterranean could have settled there on holiday. This island is a mixture of rockery and pleasure, austerity and scents of distant island. Clinging to the mountain, isolated in the maquis, the stone and slate houses shelter family secrets and memories of vendetta. The maquis: this is deep Corsica! That of wild pigs and loose cows, roadside fountains, long winters where, far from the hustle and bustle of summer, they make coppa, figatellu and chestnut flour.

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